About dNews

About dNews

Our Mission

To highlight the EOSIO community through news, education, resources and tools with the expressed purpose of promoting voting and governance participation inherent to the EOSIO consensus model of Delegated Proof of Stake(dPoS).

To develop a model of a Decentralized Autonomous Community(DAC) Publisher capable of enabling individuals editors or small publishing teams to be supported by a distributed community of cryptocurrency token holders.

To open source this DAC Publishing model to the world.

What is dNews?

dNews is a news and content aggregator, curator and creator for the EOSIO open-source blockchain network protocol community.

That community consists of Block Producers that determine what code is executed to create and govern the network and ultimately validate transactions. Proxies that vote into power Block Producers on behalf of Token Holders. Decentralized applications (dApps) that run on an EOSIO network providing ease of use to things people want to do. Exchanges where Token Holders can trade. Digital Wallets for Token Holders to securely store and control their tokens. Block Explorers, Token Price Indexes and other tools to keep track of it all.

Always 15 Minutes Fresh

dNews makes it easier to stay informed by putting everyone on the same searchable multimedia multi-source stream providing a single place for the interested to check the latest and greatest on everything EOSIO and how to participate. Content streams from a curated list of contributing community members are updated every 15 minutes and set in context with other useful resource lists and content. Taken as a whole we intend to provide a rich environment for supporting community consensus and proxy voting participation. We want to make it easy to learn, keep up, invest, vote and participate with the phenomena that is EOSIO and its community.

Why is Proxy voting important?

Proxy voting provides an easy way for Token Holders to delegate their voting right to another account that votes on their behalf without giving up ownership or control of the token itself. In some ways we could view Proxy voters as politicians that represent and vote Token Holder interests to secure the network. That way the network is kept secure and healthy by dedicated and informed Proxies while freeing the Token Holder of regular monitoring and voting. Proxies do not get paid and there is no obligation for anyone to use a proxy as it is entirely voluntary, as is the act of voting itself.

Yet even if Token Holders decide to proxy their vote, they still need to decide which Proxies to hand over their voting power to. Proxies will always be prominently featured within dNews as they provide a key role to keeping the network secure and healthy by increasing the volume of informed voting.

dNews is different 

The Ad for Education Swap

dNews readers may notice fewer advertisements. dNews replaces some portion of advertisements normally associated with revenue generation with the best and most informative content that informs and educates as well as showcases the achievements and milestones that build the community. As a dNews reader might scroll down the front page of the site, they might notice a banner featuring an education resource, a key contribution by a block producer or developer, where they would normally find an ad. The presence of informative, educational resources fixed into the flowing stream of new content provides both a timely and contextual news reading experience and is conducive to interpreting and producing community consensus.

Community Aligned Advertising

On dNews, the advertising that does get placement is aligned with community goals. For example, ads promoting exchanges that enable the purchase of the necessary cryptocurrency assets to participate are displayed. Another example would be a hardware authentication device like Yubikey that encourages the safe keeping of crypto assets in individual wallets which enables voting.

By contrast, advertising not related to or not in direct alignment with our mission and community incentives will not be displayed.

Proxy Vote Stimulator & Driver

dNews is designed to promote and facilitate voting and participation as many pages feature links to content and external sites that assist in doing just that, voting and participation. This is an important aspect of dNews if not the primary function as voting and community contributions are key elements to Delegated Proof of Stake.

Aspirations of Media Publisher as Decentralized Autonomous Community/Organization

dNews will be pursuing a new organizational structure known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization/Community. More on that coming soon.

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