Tools: Wallets and Voting

Tools: Wallets and Voting from Asia

This article is the English translation of this article, originally written and published by EOS Alliance in Mandarin.

The referendum is just around the corner. Every holder, follower, researcher, and developer of EOS is waiting. For the positive future of EOS, they want to make a wise choice all on their own. However, quite a few holders are still confused about how to make full use of the wallet, and how to take part in the referendum. We, the editors, hope this article will help anyone with these issues.

This article is the first product of an introduction series to illustrate the wallet tools under the theme “For the Public Investment.” As soon as the newest wallet tool is published, the complete analysis and introduction will be issued from here. Additionally, useful information and compelling content will be produced under the same theme, including some presentation of unique ideas, some translated version of brilliant overseas articles, and so on.

Today’s article includes introductions about five different wallet tools. After interviewing the development teams of these five tools, we share summaries, features, technology traits and the developers` advantage of each wallet tool, to introduce these five tools. We also explain how to make your property safety, how to ensure an iterative upgrade, etc. To be clear, the following sequence is just based on the order that we had received the information about them.

Token Pocket

Token Pocket is a digit asset wallet with multiple links. It adopts multiple-level encryption to protect private keys and asset security. The framework is designed to layered modules, to support the immediate connections with more new links. The developer team initiates multiple- operation and multiple-factor encryption mathematics, so-called “DNA mathematics,” which can adequately protect pivotal information to guard the users’ assets. Standing on users’ side, Token Pocket lowers the admittance standard, achieves all kinds of system functions and supports the various connections with abounding DApps. Token Pocket pays great attention to the users’ experience that the team keeps upgrading the app at least twice a month.

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MEET. ONE team owns huge developing and managing experience based on community product with many of users. Most core teammates come from top internet cooperations here and abroad. MEET. ONE App has integrated three fabulous functions, including EOS wallet, DApp entry, and EOS information. Meanwhile, a workgroup specializing in security research has been established by MEET. ONE. They are dedicated to treat security as the constant top priority. Security problems have never occurred with this product since it was issued in June, 2018. MEET. ONE has not only a powerful development team, but also more than 300,000 users. They eagerly collect suggestions about upgrades from community, and depending on the upgrade condition of the primary network, they make updates of the wallet functions.

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Wheat Wallet

Math Wallet is a powerful and secure universal encrypted wallet which enables storage of BTC, ETH/ERC20, NEO/NEP5, EOS, TRON tokens, supports cross-chain token exchange and a multiple-chain DApp store. Digit Wallet leverages biological recognition tech to protect user’s assets. They have formed a professional blockchain development team, consisting of blockchain technology development teams, including EOS wallet, EOS block producers, EOS trade, etc. Wheat Wallet makes use of smart contracts to provide sufficient security and supports personal face recognition, living body recognition, etc. to enhance asset security. Wheat Wallet will build and share our tools with the EOS developer community. Additionally, it will keep DApp entry open and continue to present the latest and best products.

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EOS Park

The EOS Park Referendum Tool is a convenient and mighty entry app for voting on a referendum. With EOS Park, users can see the current proposal list and the bilateral comparison of the proposal polls intuitively, and vote directly for the proposal. Following versions will provide visualization and more analysis of referendum data to help users make wiser voting decisions. EOS Park initiates a significant number of functions, including but not limited to contract code consistency check, contract security platform, ETH mapping verification, internal memory calculator, contract semantics, EOS Park OpenApi, ALL in One search, Alfred plug-in unit, fourteen-language support, 1v1 online customer service and so on. EOS Park also ensures the constant referendum tool upgrades.

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EOS Cannon Tool

The purpose of this tool is to serve the people who pay close attention to asset security. The private key of this product is offline without any connection. Meanwhile, aiming at referendum, EOS Cannon Tool makes the poll function more efficiently. Users can get acquainted with Cannon products by browsing its official website.

An increasing number of supporting tools are in the progress of showing up.

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