EOS Synchronize English Call 6.Dec.2018

This weeks call was held at UTC 23:00 on 6 December 2018.


“What amendments from v1 are missing from NY’s proposal and/ or from v2? Goal to define what differentiates the proposals while also outlining what a third version should include.”

This call started off with Kyle from EOS Vibes joining to elaborate on his ideas of what to add to the regproducer agreement to include some things he believes it needs in order to best serve the community. This sparked conversation regarding vote buying, dispute resolution and ECAF. Kevin Rose was present to speak to his reasoning behind the position taken on regproducer in the EOS New York proposal. The question of base layer arbitration came with Martin Breuer from EOS Nation weighing in on the problem and potential solutions.

Other issues brought up included:

  • No funding model for a funding arbitration
  • How does enforcement work? What kind of mechanisms?
  • Timeline for Project Synchronize

Achilles ZHANG shared a great graphic from the EOS Synchronize Chinese call earlier in the day showing a possible referendum process/schedule that the community can use to be prepared for voting starting January 1.

Watch and listen to the call now.

Big thanks to EOS Detroit for Streaming and posting the call.


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