Introducing the EOS Voter Podcast

We’re super excited to announce the latest project we’ve been working on: the EOS Voter Podcast!

EOS Voter is a podcast to explore the most pressing issues facing the EOS ecosystem in-depth. Each episode will focus on one particular subject and will feature a guest who has relevant expertise in that area. We’ll be exploring things like scaling, governance, arbitration, voting, dApps, enterprise adoption, and much more.

EOS is a system that uses on-chain governance, so it relies on informed participation by token holders in order to function well. Our goal with this podcast is to give EOS voters a more comprehensive perspective on critical issues so that they can cast a more informed vote.

We’re always open to constructive feedback, so please feel free to reach out in any of our channels with thoughts and suggestions! Check out our first episode, Scaling EOS with Alexandre Bourget of EOS Canada, below!

The Podcast for the Informed Voter

Episode 1 — Scaling EOS with Alexandre Bourget of EOS Canada

For episode one, we brought on one of our favorite people in the EOS ecosystem, Alexandre Bourget of EOS Canada. Alex is one of the most respected developers in EOS, but he also has a talent for being able to break down and explain complex topics to a non-technical audience.

Many in the EOS ecosystem know that the EOS blockchain was built from the ground up for scalability. In this episode we explore the various solutions to get EOS from current levels of scalability to the point where it can support thousands of dApps and millions of daily users. We cover topics like multi-threading, sidechains, sister chains, IBC, resource management algorithms, and much more. Enjoy!

Listen and download here.

Also available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Play. iTunes and Stitcher coming soon!