EOS dApp of the Month: Sense Chat

Private video chats on the blockchain are finally here

Sense Chat is a dApp which allows users to have private video chats using Smart Contracts, connecting you anonymously and securely without sharing your identity. This innovative project is the first decentralized messenger app on EOS, providing peer-to-peer connections with zero data storage or centralized intermediaries. Sense Chat is spearheaded by Crystal Rose, the founder and CEO of Sense and EOS block producer shEOS.

What are Smart Contacts?

Smart Contacts are Sense Chat’s exclusive means of connection and discovery. Smart Contacts are connections associated through an account name or public key that are exclusive to your account & your device.

How it works

Sense Chat has a native token called SENSE and comes with a built-in wallet that allows users to send and receive EOS and SENSE tokens in the dApp to transact as they chat. Whether it’s a token like SENSE or EOS, or a digital asset such as a CryptoKitty, users can transact freely within the app.

Users can transact Sense’s custom EOS token SNS in the dApp.

With Sense, users can video chat without revealing personally identifiable information

Sense Chat was originally an Ethereum-based project but made the leap to the EOS blockchain due to its advanced speed and scalability. We believe EOS is the ideal platform for optimizing projects like this; decentralized, autonomous services that align the interest of all parties and benefit the end users. Innovative dApps that make everyday life easier will be at the heart of every successful blockchain and strong communities, like EOS’, will crucial.

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